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Designed and selected for those who love wandering and diving into the bluest of oceans and those who love the smell of salt water. The sparkling city lights and the warm balmy nights. The wanderers of the world, continuously seeking new adventures.

As a continuous dreamer, I have taken my passion for jewellery, added a touch of following your dreams and harnessing wanderlust; to come up with a label that offers understated, bohemian jewellery. 

From the age of 10 I was creating jewellery with my darling Nan, who would take me to the most magical bead shops and let me create what I please. This is in legacy of her, for all that she had taught me and for all the dreams she encouraged me to follow.

I hope By Jem takes you on a dreamy adventure from sparkling city lights to cool, azure oceans amidst the jewels, reminding you of all the things you love and adore.

Keep on wandering, dreamers. x

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