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Posted on August 16 2017

Hello lovelies,

WOW, I am so overwhelmed by how many people read my last post on my WHY. I really hope that it not only gave you an insight into my why, and why By Jem is what it is, but I hope it made you think of your why and if you were thinking of giving up, to just push that bit further.

On another note, I'd also like to say thank you for all your orders recently. EVERYTIME I get an order I do a little happy dance - even when in public (it is a slightly more discreet dance, but still a tiny dance)! It is so lovely to know you love my jewellery & bags as much as I do and I love knowing how excited you'll get when you receive your jewels in the mail (do online deliveries feel like Christmas came early, or is that just us?!)...

SO, with this, I have some great news - our new sterling silver collection is coming. Our samples are being made right now as I write this. HOW exciting!! SO watch this space...

Anyway, keep being you, keep on pushing, keep on going for your WHY.

With love,
Jem x


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