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Posted on July 27 2017


I have been contemplating putting my face to my brand for SOME time now - I feel that I want my jewellery to be about YOU and not about me (I am really nothing spesh, buuuut my jewels are). After much thought though... I think it'll be nice for you all to see my WHY. WHY I do this - why I love By Jem so much, why I am here, encouraging women to be the best versions of themselves and to dream and wander to our hearts content.

My name is Jemma (hence the Jem part in By Jem). From the age of arouuuuund about 10, I was obsessed with creating bracelets/necklaces/earrings/anything I could make with a heap of beads. This was inspired by my darling Nan. She would take me to her bowling club craft Tuesdays on School Holidays and then take me to the market to pick out whatever beads my heart desired to create whatever I dreamt of. She would buy me books on jewellery making and encourage me to do whatever I set my heart and my mind on.

At the age of 18, I was selling my creations at local markets. At the age of 19 (maybe 20?) I became Parla & Alskare and underwent a massive rebrand/facelift. 

At the age of 21, my darling Nan was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I knew she never liked the name Parla & Alskare as it was to hard for her (and 99% of the population who are not Swedish, me included) to pronounce. I changed it to By Jem in 2015. Nan loved the new name, almost as much as she loved the first sterling silver collection I released. 

Unfortunately, she did not make it to my 2nd collection release, but I know she would be so proud of where I am, even though it has taken me 6 years to get here (and I am nowhere near done)!

I absolutely adore seeing women do what they want. Nothing makes me more happy then seeing a female (or male!) so empowered by their passion, feeling that they can take on the world tomorrow in order to pursue that passion. This is my why. 

So please, remember to keep on keeping. To keep on dreaming. To keep on wandering. 


Jem x


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